If You don’t Trust the News, then You May be Looking in the Wrong Places – 2¢ Worth

Mark Thiessen, FowNews Contributor

There was an opinion article under the “Top News” stories in my news app yesterday [https://fxn.ws/2V6JIaH] from Fox News, written by Mark Thiessen, a Fox News Washington Post employee (plus former speechwriter for George W. Bush). He presented a current Columbia Journalism Review Poll found that half of Americans “have little confidence” in the media. That is less trust than we have in Congress. Then he uses this information to attack CNN and The New York Times Reporting on the ongoing debate over the legitimacy of Brett Kavanaugh’s right to serve as Supreme Court Justice.

Thiesen’s attack can have a valid basis. I do not know. But my concern, as someone who want to trust the news is that the author did not have the courtesy to provide us with a link to the original CJR Report. In fact, every link he provided pointed to others Fox News Stories – a huge red flag when evaluating online sources.

I found it with little effort CJR report [http://bit.ly/2NoPcfS ], and found it interesting that most of the people who “have little confidence” in the media are Republicans, white, have little or no college, and are retired or self-employed. the CJRs Survey also found that 80% of respondents get their news from television, the internet, or social media. Only 6% get their news from newspaper printing and 5% from news apps.

Where we go to get our messages seems to be a more important issue for our condition today than the “ding-donging phase” of Brett Kavanaugh.

Author: David Warlick

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