An ancient store of knowledge

What was at the heart of my advocacy for the retooling of education sprang from a condition best illustrated by the Knowledge doubling curve. Recently adapted by Faras Batarseh of the London School of Economics, it states: By 1900, knowledge doubled roughly every century. However, until 1950 it doubled every 25 years. In 2000 it doubled every 12 months. Today, says Batarseh, “Knowledge doubles every day.”1

There are a number of logical reasons, but it leads to a society plagued by VUCA.

  • VOlatility is about the nature and dynamics of change as well as the nature and speed of change forces and change catalysts.
  • UUncertainty, describes the lack of predictability and the loss of awareness and understanding of problems and events.
  • C.Complexity, considers the multiplex of the forces that lead to confusion.
  • ONEAmbiguity, represents the blurring of reality and the potential to misread information.

change is the new normal and there is not a single area of ​​study or interest that is not affected.


change has given the word a new meaning electricity.

Public school education can no longer afford to lag behind what is known today about science, health, math, philosophy, and even history, decades behind. That’s why I say (back when people were paying attention to what I had to say)

We need to stop teaching students how to be taught and teaching them how to learn on their own.

We will have achieved real educational reform if no teacher believes he can teach the same things in the same way year after year; and if we give them the resources and the time refitting their classrooms every day.

For this tech-rich, information-driven world, the best we can teach our children is literacy – reading skills.

1Batarseh, FA (2017, Sept. 21). Thoughts on the future of human knowledge and machine intelligence [Web log post]. Retrieved from https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/businessreview/2017/09/20/thoughts-on-the-future-of-human-knowledge-and-machine-intelligence/

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