One of my Early Computer Programs – 2¢ Worth

My brother found this the other day in my parents’ house. First off for those who are wondering, is it perforated printer paper. The holes (originally on both sides) are picked up by the printer’s tractor gears, which pull in the paper to be labeled. The perforations allowed you to remove the punched tape and divide the paper conveyor into 8 1/2 by 11 sheets. Since computers at that time mostly worked with columns and rows of data, the green stripes made reading easier.

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But what excites me is what is on paper, a computer program I wrote in 1983 when I was still teaching social studies in South Carolina. The program is a database application for our TRS-80 (Radio Shack) computers. It enabled students to create records for SC counties or states, or animals by tribe and genus, and then perform analysis.

I wish I could find printouts of some of my games. It was an exciting time where we had the freedom to advance technology, write and customize software to support new ideas about learning because no one else knew what we were doing. It was just computers.

Author: David Warlick

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