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What are your digital literacy best practices? If you – or an ELA teacher you know in the K-12 classroom – do an exceptional job and could be interested in an interview in October or November 2021, please fill out the form linked in this post.

Sutton Middle School students use online research to answer questions during a history class.  Photo by Allison Shelley for EDUimages. As we move from ’emergency distance learning’ to a new era of hybrid learning that incorporates more technology, I am working on a chapter for an edited collection that will share case studies of best practice in digital literacy in the classroom.

Aside from lessons that are only delivered digitally because they have to be, I am looking for exceptional examples of K-12 ELA teachers inviting their students to engage in digital literacy practices that NCTE calls “connected, dynamic and malleable ”describes. I wonder: How do you encourage students to engage in active research, networked reading, media literacy, and digital writing in a way that supports authentic literacy learning?

If you – or a K-12 teacher you know in the classroom – are doing an exceptional job and might be interested in an October or November interview via WebEx (video call or phone call), please take a moment to complete this short Google form by October 15, 2021. I will get in touch with you from mid-October about a possible interview.

Thank you for spreading the word and sharing your work.

Thank you,
Troy Hicks
Central Michigan University

Photo by Allison Shelley for EDUimages

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