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With the winter break coming, Professors, you have some time – maybe a month or so – to sit back and just relax. And let’s not forget the three months in summer when you don’t have to work. And don’t you get an autumn and a spring break too? Sweet.

In the inter-semester period, academics are more likely to have a conversation with a family member or friend that involves something like the above. So is the usefulness of the following graphic created by Susan Wardell, Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the University of Otago:

Dr. Wardell has shared this publicly on Twitter Earlier this year he noted, “My students often don’t know what I do other than show up for lectures once a week. Even my postgraduates who want to get into science don’t always know very well what that means. “

As she says, the graphic is intended to summarize the responsibilities of a “normal full-time teaching position at a New Zealand college”. Specific assignments may vary by institution, academic discipline, and career level. ”It’s something that has gone through several iterations (below is the first draft of the whiteboard).

What may have to be added or changed?

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