An Introduction to Open Education

An introduction to open education

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Cover for an introduction to open educationCollection of teaching psychology and technology
License informationI. FoundationsOpen educational resourcesDefinition of the “open” in Open Content and Open Educational ResourcesCopyright and Open LicensingExcludabilityA / B tests on open textbooksContinuous improvement of teaching materials, , & Open educational resources and selection of college textbooksIII. Future directionsWhat is open pedagogy?OER-based pedagogyOpen Pedagogy: The Importance of Getting Them In The AirA look into the future of open educational resourcesIV. Continuous improvement and instruction design with OERContinuous improvement thoughts and OERThe Rise Framework, , & Continuous improvement dashboardsRecognizing and Overcoming Obstacles: What It Takes to Realize the Potential of OER. to realize & Open Scholarship Assumptions and Challenges & AttachmentsChapter authorsglossarykeywordsindexOpen Science in Education, , &


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