Göktuğ is a social construct: “@balrogboogie@rage.love it’s simply easier too. …”

Göktuğ is a social construct: “@ balrogboogie @ rage.love it’s also just easier. …” – stranger.earth

If something is available via open access on JSTOR I still use scihub to get it, it’s just the principle of the thing


@balrogboogie it’s just easier too.

I have created a small bookmarklet called scihub-this that finds the first DOI on the website and looks it up on sci-hub. Seems to work fine on JSTOR too, and it’s a click from the webpage to the PDF:

javascript: window.location = “sci-hub.se/

Feel free to share it, I hereby give it to the public domain under the CC 0 license.

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