Gr. 10 Civic Students Address Real-World Issues

In Citizenship Studies (CHV2O3), students explore the rights and duties associated with being an active citizen, while identifying important topics from social engagement to environmental engagement and much more.

The aim of students is to develop their citizenship while recognizing the vital role they play in both the context of today and tomorrow. Therefore, it is crucial that students develop a personal interest in politics, society and work in order to engage as active citizens.

Recently, students should engage as responsible citizens and effective communicators by reflecting on a key topic that they consider important. Students should write a letter to the appropriate member / level of government with the aim of addressing a real problem through active discourse.

Once the letters have been completed and reviewed, students will select the appropriate politician (and appropriate level of government) to contact via email. A few students can even hear from these politicians about their proposals and current action plans. This is a unique opportunity that allows students to approach real-world problems through experience.

Alyssa Da Silva represents our classroom this semester with a successful letter on mental health resources in schools – a topic that is very important to her and that she wants to raise awareness about. In addition to creating awareness, Alyssa shows us why mental health is so important and directly affects students’ ability to thrive in school and in society. In fact, Ontario Premiere Doug Ford recently responded to Alyssa with the following:

Congratulations to Alyssa and all of the students who participated in the letter writing process.

Every student has the potential to be the change the world needs.

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