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14 predictions for higher education in 2022

IT managers, lecturers and a student offer diverse future prospects for their campus in the new year.

Ask college staff what to expect in the New Year, and the outlook is filled with visions that build on what we’ve seen in colleges and universities over the past two years: a great focus on learning formats; continuous use of new technologies; and the use of new digital models that push users “beyond zoom”. Here we present the collective predictions of 14 IT executives, faculty and one student about what to expect in 2022. One put it: “Let’s go, 2022! We have work to do!”

Do you have your own thoughts on what’s coming this year? Add your own forecast for 2022 in the comments below.

Forget about Hyflex

I predict for 2022 that the enthusiasm for the “highly flexible” technology will turn out to be bankrupt. Many colleges across the country have rushed to spend federal money equipping classrooms with hyflex technology without considering ongoing support costs such as tech support, classroom assistance, and faculty professional development. Ultimately, I believe our faculty will find that teaching effectively in a Hyflex environment without proper support is extremely difficult and really stressful. Then most of the Hyflex technology we’ve invested in is pushed aside and eventually removed.

—Joseph Moreau is Vice Chancellor for Technology and Chief Technology Officer for Community College District Foothill-De Anza in California.

Customize Hyflex – and be ready for anything

Firstly, hyflex classrooms will continue to be used; However, the instructors need to adapt the technology to a personal modality. For example, all of the technology is built into Zoom. So why not record the lecture and student discussion during the class to view later? This can also be adapted well for a hybrid modality. Lecture recording systems such as Yuja can be used to “split” the content for easier viewing. Although the real meaning of hyflex is to enable students to decide whether to attend classes in a personal setting, I believe we are not there yet. The instructors still want some control (and I fully understand that). If we can make the learning environment as flexible as possible, the technology will definitely make a difference.

My second prediction is about safety. Network breaches and phishing are becoming commonplace. Universities must have strict controls and guidelines to prevent any intrusion and stop the bad guys. Zero trust is key. Universities must enable multi-function authorization (MFA), network scanning, and spam filtering, among other security measures, to prevent network break-ins or data breaches from occurring.

My final prediction is that we need to be prepared for the unknown. In the blink of an eye, we may be prompted to return to a completely secluded setting. The universities must do justice to this. In this regard, VPN and virtual labs need to be in place so IT can flip the switch when needed.

—Patricia Kahn is CIO and Deputy Vice President for Information Technology Services at College of Staten Island, CUNY.

Look for the benefits

With most of the training over the past two years, at least some of it remotely, educational technology has played an important role in many institutions. The key to 2022 will be to improve and make better use of these technologies to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Many institutions were forced to rush or rush to switch to online-only teaching, which was not ideal. The challenge is how we can improve these systems and leverage new technologies for online, hybrid / Hyflex and face-to-face training. Were virtual consultation hours via Zoom more convenient for both students and faculty members and enabled better collaboration? Has pre-recording a lecture and leaving traditional lecture time off for a deeper discussion of the topic improved learning opportunities and increased knowledge of the topic? These are the exciting things that lie ahead of us in 2022. It is both a challenge and an excellent opportunity for us at the senior management level.


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