D7.4 How to be FAIR with your data. A teaching and training handbook for higher education institutions

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Open access

Engelhardt, Claudia;

Biernacka, Katarzyna;

Coffey, Aoife;

Cornet, Ronald;

Danciu, Alina;

Demchenko, Yuri;

Downes, Stephen;

Erdmann, Christopher;

Garbuglia, Federica;

Germer, Kerstin;

Helbig, Kerstin;

Hellström, Margareta;

Hettne, Kristina;

Hibbert, Dawn;

Jetten, Mijke;

Karimova, Julia;

Kryger Hansen, Karsten;

Kuusniemi, Mari Elisa;

Letizia, Viviana;

McCutcheon, Valerie;

McGillivray, Barbara;

Ostrop, Jenny;

Petersen, Britta;

Petrus, Ana;

Reichmann, Stefan;

Rettberg, Najla;

I turned back, Carmen;

Rochlin, Nick;

Sänen, Bregt;

Schmidt, Birgit;

Schölten, Jolien;

Shanahan, Hugh;

Straube, Armin;

Van den Eynden, Veerle;

Vandendorpe, Justine;

Venkataram, Shanmugasundaram;

Wiljes, Cord;

Wuttke, Ulrike;

Yeomans, Joanne;

Zhou, Biru


Hochstenbach, Patrick;

Barthauer, Raisa;

Vieira, André

This handbook is intended to support universities in integrating FAIR-related content into their curricula and teaching. It was written and edited by a group of around 40 staff in a series of six book sprint events that took place between June 1 and 10, 2021. The document provides practical material such as competence profiles, learning outcomes and lesson plans, as well as supporting information. It includes feedback from the community received during the public consultation from July 27 to September 12, 2021.

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