11 Foods You Need To Stop Eating Right Now

11. Soda

Soda is basically just flavored sugar water, and the amount of the sweet “drug” that goes into a single can of carbonated drink will shock you! Sugar opens the gateway to a whole host of diseases, including cancer. But that’s not all; there’s even worse news for you if you are a fan of any caramel-colored sodas. Laboratory tests have found that the carcinogenic chemical 4-MEI shows up in such drinks as a by-product of the color.

Healthy Alternative:

Water is your best choice of beverage! You can also opt for sugar-free fresh fruit/vegetable juices, or if you’re really wanting a gassy fix, pick a soda that isn’t caramel in color.

10. Grilled red meat

This might be a little hard to swallow (get it?) if you love your steak, but excessive consumption of grilled red meat might increase your risk of cancer. Although aesthetically pleasing, high temperatures used to achieve those sexy char marks release cancer-causing hydrocarbons.

Healthy Alternative:

Reduce your intake of red meat, and be careful about how you cook it. Pick organic, grass-fed beef whenever possible.

9. Microwave popcorn

Popcorn usually falls on the safer side of snacking, but when it comes to microwave popcorn, that’s a whole other ballpark. Firstly, the bags are lined with perfluorooctanoic acid, which is a carcinogen. Secondly, microwave popcorn is usually not natural, and manufacturers aren’t even required to report whether their products are GMO. And finally, butter flavoring used in most microwave popcorn releases diacetyl, a chemical that is known to become toxic when cooked.

Healthy Alternative:

Buy organic dried popcorn kernels and cook them on your stove or using an air-popper.

8. Canned food, especially tomatoes

Canned food might be convenient, but it can actually be pretty harmful because of a chemical called BPA, a known hormone disruptor, that is used to line the cans. This is even more prevalent in canned tomatoes because their acidic nature causes the BPA to leech into the food. While tomatoes are usually healthy, it’s the container that makes them otherwise.

Healthy Alternative:

Buy fresh or frozen produce; organic is always best.

7. Hydrogenated oils

“Vegetable” oils go through so much processing that there’s really not much left of the original source when it finally lands in our hands, other than a bunch of chemicals used to achieve its look and consistency of it. This results in an abundance of unhealthy Omega-6 fats.

Healthy Alternative:

Pick naturally extracted oils like olive, soy, canola, coconut, etc.

6. White Rice

White rice is one of the main food items which increases sugar levels and causes diabetes. They are highly refined and polished and their germ and seed coats are removed which makes them unhealthy. This process is done to make it more suitable for cooking and to increase its taste, it is less in nutrients compared to brown rice. Brown rice is whole grain, its seed coats and germ are not removed which makes it healthy. As compared to white rice, brown rice is rich in fiber. White rice should be avoided by people with diabetes as it increases blood sugar levels rapidly. Brown rice is a low glycemic food item and it is useful for blood sugar levels.

5. Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are produced using chemicals, thus the “artificial” part. They are marketed as a better alternative to sugar, but there’s no evidence to prove that they are safe. Studies have suggested that they can cause the production of a toxin DKP in your body, which could cause brain tumors.

Healthy Alternative:

The best choice when it comes to sweeteners is those that are plant-based like stevia. You could also use applesauce or organic maple syrup in baking recipes.

4. Processed Meat

Processed meats like sausages, hot dogs, and deli meat go through a rigorous processing method to achieve the final look and taste. This involves large amounts of salt and dangerous chemicals, namely nitrate and nitrite. Thus, these delicious products end up carrying a massive risk to your health.

Healthy Alternative:

Always buy fresh, organic meat whenever possible. If you are going to buy packaged meat, try to find those with minimal processing and no preservatives.

3. Raw Cashews

While you go nut shopping and see the in-shell cashews on the shelf, just avoid them. Why? Because the raw cashews are related to poison sumac as well as poison ivy. Raw cashews contain a substance called urushiol just like poison ivy which is very toxic when consumed. Not only that but also the oils in the cashew shells can cause skin reactions like itchiness.

Raw cashews are harmful to health because they have a very high oxalate content. When consumed in large quantities, the oxalate can damage the kidneys and even cause chronic health issues. Always consume them in moderate quantities and never overdose on them.

Another perspective issue is nut allergies. If you have any history of nut allergies and reactions, it is advised to be very cautious. Talk to your physician before consuming cashews at all.

Healthy Alternative:

When the cashews are roasted at high temperatures, the toxic oils in them get destroyed and hence they become completely safe, tastier, as well as healthier to consume.

2. Sweetened Dried Fruits

Fruits contain fiber and are rich in nutrients useful for our health as they are low in calories and provide a healthy lifestyle. Also, low glycemic fruits help maintain blood sugar levels and lose weight whereas dried fruits are high in calories and can affect health and increase weight. Dried fruits are high in fructose levels and contain less water, making them produce more calories and sugar than fresh fruits. Although dried fruits contain fiber and many nutrients in them which makes them a much better and healthy option for clean and binge eating than cookies or baked items. People who are losing weight can still eat these dried fruit items but without added sugar, as it is unhealthy to add it to a diet plan.

1. Crackers And Chips

Children are mostly like to eat crackers and chips, they are higher in calories and less in nutrients and are a cause of overweight in people as they consist of fat, and salt and sugars are added in it. Chips and crackers are also kinds of processed food items. Research in 2015 showed that in brazil the consumption of processed food items like chips and meat made obesity risks high in people eating them. Avoid eating these chips and crackers rather eat raw food items like carrots and celery with nuts which are rich in nutrients and help in losing weight, also a clean source for binge eating, and don’t add salt and sugars.

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